Engineer by day

Dj by night

Christina starr

Xtina Starr /Christina Starr/, is a DJ specializing in sounds of the African Diaspora and a Senior Engineering Manager at Leafly making cannabis more accessible. Based in Dallas & Brooklyn.

Engineer by day

Led by curiosity and passion, I'm a software developer that enjoys the entire creative process and getting my hands on the fullstack. Through my unique background and experience at Ada Developers Academy, an intensive, year long software development program, I bring a dynamic and diverse approach to solving problems.

It's my mission to build people centric software. While keeping the end-user in mind, I'm energized and empowered by the opportunity to make ideas happen via code. At Ada I learned Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS. Eager for a new challenge, I learned an entirely new stack at Apex Learning. I thrive when I can learn, contribute, build, and repeat.


Curious by nature, DJ Christina Starr loves an adventure and takes pleasure in taking the crowd on a sonic journey. Inspired by the sounds throughout the continent of Africa, she especially pulls rhythms from the southern region and is one of the ‘go-to’ tastemakers for Afro House in New York City. DJ Christina Starr aims to raise the vibration of the people, one track at a time

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